Let's Fix your Home Problems!



We confidently guide you through the homebuying process from beginning to end. Whether this is your first or fifth home purchase, our goal is to make the home hunt a downright BLAST!


First, Let's have coffee, virtually or in person, you pick! We want to hear all your juicy goals, hopes, and dreams surrounding "home" so we can thoughtfully establish your client-specific real estate plan!
The Hunt
Let the search begin! This part is as close to HGTV as it will get! If you can envision a REALTOR-ninja searching high and low for THE ONE, insert that vision here.
Making an Offer
It is this part of the process where many people start sweating. Don your aluminum-free deodorant and know that WE’VE GOT YOU. Each house will have a different story. Therefore, our offer strategy must be the same. The structure and terms of each offer we present are very different. Therefore, this step requires you to lean in and TRUST us.
Accepted Contract
Insert your favorite victory dance here, yet keep the emotions at bay. There are multiple contingencies (aka terms) to resolve before we get to the closing table. Did we mention WE’VE GOT YOU!?
Pop the bubbly and clink the glasses. You made it to closing day!!! In other words, you wired the funds, got the keys, and you are now officially the owner of a new home. Cheers!
Join the Community
We are NEVER saying “goodbye” after closing. Instead, we invite you to join The Empowered Circle—our exclusive community for past clients and referral sources. Join the group HERE to be informed of monthly client events and other offerings!


Selling with Empowered Homes means feeling REALLY GOOD after those closing docs are signed. We recognize that selling a home is not always a joyous occasion. It can come with stress, grief, and excitement alike. Each situation is unique, so our listing strategy is the same. We promise to fiercely protect your equity (aka cash) and ensure that you feel well cared for every step of the way.


We’ll come to you! Having an initial consultation in your home to learn about your goals allows us to see the house in real time simultaneously. With notes on the home’s condition and understanding what is most important to YOU, we can get right to it, creating a customized roadmap for listing your home!
Tailor-Made Listing Plan
Considering everything we discovered in the initial consultation, we will create your tailor-made plan and move you from overwhelmed to empowered. The program will include essential milestones like photos, listing launch day, open house, and our digital marketing plan. After all, the National Association of Realtors reports that 97% of buyers find their home ONLINE!
Engage The Marketing Strategy
Of course, we cannot give away any more of our spicy marketing plan here, yet rest assured that we know what we are doing. On average, our listings sell within six days of being on the market at 3.6% higher than the list price. Therefore, when you allow us to lead with our expertise, you will experience unwavering confidence.
Contract to Closing
Your hard work of listing prep will pay off, we promise. Once you are under contract, we want you to put your feet up and enjoy your patio or porch a few more times. We will handle everything in between and keep you apprised along the way.
Pour the bubbly and take yourself to a nice dinner! You have successfully sold your home! Because we NEVER say “goodbye,” you are now a part of the EH Fam, and we invite you to join The Empowered Circle—our exclusive community for past clients and referral sources. Join the group HERE to be kept up-to-date on monthly client events and other offerings!


free resources

Visit our Resources page to access a free resource collection to help you with your buying, selling, and investing journey.


Do you have too much house to clean or too much yard to maintain? Do your knees and back crack every time you traverse up and down the stairs? Maybe it’s time to start thinking about scaling down, and let me tell you, downsizing out of preparedness trumps moving quickly out of necessity ALL DAY LONG.

ICYMI: Making a proactive downsizing move as an act of preparedness is far less stressful and more economical than waiting until the last minute when moving is necessary

Experience ease with our holistic downsizing solutions. We take our standard Buying and Selling services noted above and create a concierge service for you and your family.

  • Need decluttering? We’ve got you. 
  • Need repairs on your current home to yield TOP DOLLAR? We’ve got you.
  • Movers? We’ve got you.
  • Need help navigating senior living options? Yep, we’ve got that too.

Let our unique expertise go to work for you. We want to lift the weight off of your shoulders.

Real Estate Planner

Empowered Homes is proud to have a fearless leader who is a member of the exclusive Keller Williams Real Estate Planner Community. 

What does this mean for you!? We are so glad you asked.

Through the KW Real Estate Planner Certification, Gretchen has obtained the training and experience to compassionately guide YOU in intentional ways to create generational wealth, minimize tax burden (hallelujah), and facilitate the goals of you and your overall family unit.

During The Real Estate Planning session, we will dive into your situation holistically and help you develop tailor-made solutions and strategies to help you consider how your real estate moves today will impact you, your children, and their children tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have 20% down to buy a house!?

No way Sally Mae! There are some conventional loan programs that allow you to put as little as 3% down. For Physicians and Veterans, you can buy a home with ZERO money down. It all depends on your financial circumstance and loan options you are looking at. Let’s chat so I can get you set up with my most favorite mortgage lenders!

Can you help me with buying investment properties

You bet we can! The small, yet mighty, Empowered Homes team collectively owns 8 homes, including a mixture of short, medium, and long term rentals. With our lived experience and leadership, real estate investing can (and should) definitely be a part of your tailor-made plan. Make those rentals accessible, and then you’ll really see the returns!

How much do we pay you as our buyer agent

Great news for you… we get paid by the seller’s agent when helping you buy. This is why we ask you to sign our Loyalty Agreement before showing homes.

What if we want to sell our home AS-IS and need to sell it fast?

We totally understand that some circumstances require swift action, yet we encourage you NOT to go directly to someone like “We buy ugly houses” without consulting with us first. We act as advocates in your corner to make sure you are getting the best deal. To add, we have many relationships with investors to be able to generate those “easy button” type offers as well!

My neighbor’s house sold for X and the Zestimate says it’s worth $____…

We LOVE that you are super informed on your market; it shows how much you care. What we also know to be accurate is that the market is changing faster than ever. Schedule a consultation, and we can talk through this together! Remember, our consultations are FREE with no strings attached.

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