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A NON NEGOTIABLE when listing your home…


According to NAR, (National Association of Realtors), 93% of buyers see their home ONLINE, first. Therefore, your FIRST showing takes place ONLINE. Buyers will decide whether or not that want to see your house in person based on what their first showing is like online.

That means, all of our listings get professional photos taken by a professional photographer, not my iPhone! I am focused on marketing your home in the best way possible, not editing photos all day. So when you with with the Kingma Maynes Collaborative, you’ll get the professional photos, and I will help you get your house ready for them.

Here are 3 tips For ?:

-Clear everything off of your counters (with the exception of a candle, bowl of lemons or vase of flowers)

-Open up all of the blinds and curtains before the photographer comes

-Arrange your furniture in a conversational setup. Instead of pushing the couch against the wall, you might want to have it facing the other couch or angled towards the chairs. It will photograph better this way!

Can you pick out the professional photo above!? ??

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