I Spy: Universal Design @ Consort Homes!

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As an Occupational Therapist and Realtor, (better known as “The OT Realtor”), I am extremely passionate about the “built environment” and how it plays a role in one’s health and well-being.

Excitingly enough, about a year ago I learned about a local builder in the Saint Louis area who has created modifications to an existing floor plan, in order to offer client’s a universally designed option!

Consort Homes is the first track home developer in the market to offer a Universal Design (UD) floor-plan, and I finally got to check it out yesterday!

From the front elevation with its multiple steps to enter, you may wonder, “How in the world is this considered Universal Design?” Fear not, as they have created a solution to this problem! By raising the garage floor up, Consort is able to offer both a low threshold, and zero-threshold entryway from the garage into the home. This allows ease of access for all. Whether you are a wheelchair user, or just a mom carrying kids and groceries, this UD feature offers convenience!

The other UD features that are included in this floor plan are as follows:

  1. 36” Interior doors

  2. 42” Wide hallways

  3. 60” Rotation and front approach to bathroom sink in at least 1 main-floor bathroom

  4. One low-threshold shower with easy-access controls

Along with the INCLUDED UD features, consort also offers additional UD OPTIONS! The Sierra floor plan paired with the a la carte UD features allows for a personalized home within a reasonable price point.

Cheers to Consort Homes!

If you are interested in learning more about Universal Design or how to build a UD home for ease of use or aging-in-place, call or e-mail me and let’s have a chat!

The Sierra Model – Construction Underway!

Universal Design Brochure in the Consort Homes Design Studio.

Zero-entry shower perfect for wheelchair, walker, or cane users!

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