HELLO my name is: Empowered Homes

Before I grace you with the presence of a plethora of educational blogs, I wanted to lay some groundwork and explain what Empowered Homes is and how it came to be. 

Have you ever had a dream, a dream to solve a problem, a problem that spreads far and wide? I had a dream like that, and that’s how this thing was born. Having a masters in Occupational Therapy, and practicing for 5 years with the adult and older-adult population, I saw a pattern.  People grow old. They deal with physical, emotional, financial and other challenges then they move to an old folk’s home or live with a poor quality of life in their existing home. Sounds terrible right?

Well, the more I learned about universal design and home modifications and how occupational therapists assist in keeping people safe and independent in their homes, the more my hamster ran.  After all, the AARP continuously releases the stat that over 95% of people 65 and older report having the desire to stay in their home!

I had heard of investors who bought homes, rehabbed them, and then sold them to make a profit. However, I had never heard of anyone utilizing a medical background to assist individuals with buying, selling, or renovating their homes allowing them to stay at home forever. AHA! I LOVE and appreciate the power of home, and I LOVE helping people achieve their goals. So, I thought, “why not get licensed in real estate, obtain some certifications to advance my knowledge base in home renovation, and marry these two things to help people across the entire lifespan!?” Of course, that is what I did. 

Now a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, REALTOR, and carrier of the Executive Certificate in Home Modification from the University of Southern California’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, I am equipped to assist ALL people with buying/selling/modifying their homes, however specialize in assisting persons with disabilities and aging adults.  Hello my name is: Empowered Homes, and I am making spaces fit for all. 

PS- if you read through this whole thing and are still wondering what the heck universal design or an occupational therapist is, stay tuned!

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Meet the Author

Hey there! I am SO GLAD you are here.

I’m Gretchen Kingma, The OT REALTOR.

We are marrying healthcare with housing, to assist you in finding or modifying the home that empowers you to love where you live.”

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