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The Living-in-Place Plan

First, let’s flip the script. Instead of “aging-in-place,” we use the phrase “Living-in-Place,” Why? Because nobody resonates with the idea of “decaying where they are stuck,” instead, we all have the desire to thrive in our places. Year over year, AARP reports that nearly 80% of people 50 and up desire to stay in their homes as they age. However, they also share in their research that most of these people simultaneously report that their homes would require modifications to do so. Sound familiar?

With the The Living-in-Place Plan you get:

1-hour interview with an occupational therapist with you and any other decision-makers that should be at the table. We conduct these both in person and virtually. You get to choose!

A written plan with detailed recommendations for successful living-in-place. Typically 10+ pages and includes recommendations from small safety tips to larger home modifications.

PRICE: $500

The Empowered Home Search

Add an OT REALTOR to your team, and unlock the doors to your home sooner with added confidence.


An OT REALTOR joins your home searching team as a dedicated third-party consultant.

Even though we are licensed REALTORs, your agent remains the team leader throughout the home-buying process.

Your OT REALTOR conducts an initial interview (45 min - 60 min) to learn about you, your medical history, and how it pertains to your housing needs.

We establish search criteria for you and your agent to find homes that are already accessible or easily modified.

We preview all homes through our OT lens before you view them, with your agent saving time for everyone and sparing you disappointment should you arrive in person and the house not work.

PRICE: Your agent pays our OT REALTORs a referral-type commission ranging from 25-45% depending on your client-specific plan .

Launching in Summer 2023: Custom Joy Construction

We get asked all the time, so we are here to deliver. Coming in June 2023: Custom Joy Construction. Your OT led construction team to provide thoughtful spaces and joyful places. We are building (pun intended) your end-to-end solution to specific housing needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t live in St. Louis, but want to add you to my home searching team!?

Praise the Lord for iPhones and Zoom calls, right!? Thanks to video calling and other technology, we can deliver our client-specific consulting services nation (heck even world) wide!

Do you take insurance for your living-in-place assessments?

Unfortunately, we do not take insurance at this time. We do however, have relationships with OTs across the country who do, and would be happy to connect you!

I’ve got a project / client, I would like help on, but don’t see a package that fully fits our needs. Do you offer hourly consultation on an “as needed” basis?

YES! I am so glad you asked! It costs just $150/hr for miscellaneous consulting services, aka to get inside my brain.

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