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Our Kickstarter Unpacked
As you may know, Empowered Homes has gained a sister business, Custom Joy. Our mission is to create thoughtful...
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102 W Throp Street - Troy, IL, Listed by Melissa MacIsaac.
Downsize - The 3 Signs That It Is Time
Photo from a great downsizing listing in Troy, IL presented by Melissa MacIssaac. View listing in comments!
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Clinical OT to Slinging Houses.
Where I am coming from. Okay, so I don’t just sling houses; there’s much more to my business...
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Gretchen Brand Session
The Power of Home
What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “power of home”? This is the interview question that we have...
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Professional Listing Photos
A NON NEGOTIABLE when listing your home… PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS/VIDEO! According to NAR, (National Association...
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Myth Busters: Home Selling Edition
Whenever anyone mentions that they’re thinking of putting their house up for sale it seems that everyone...
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12 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays
Serious Buyers– Buyers that are looking during the holiday months are likely SERIOUS buyers needing to...
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create the ultimate
Create The ULTIMATE Holiday Tablescape
This post is for you! Let’s talk the ultimate Thanksgiving ? tablescape that will leave your guests in...
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say yes to the address
Say “YES” To The Address!
The bar is always open, come on in! My goal this month is to help any future home buyers out there get...
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