12 Reasons to List Your Home During the Holidays

  1. Serious Buyers– Buyers that are looking during the holiday months are likely SERIOUS buyers needing to or wanting to move.
  2. Low Inventory– Currently there is less than 1 month of inventory in the Saint Louis market, meaning if everyone sells in the next 4 weeks there will be no more homes for sale.
  3. Visual Appeal – Your home looks stunning when it is decorated for the holidays!
  4. Spring Inventory Increase – The inventory historically rises in the spring months meaning more competition.
  5. Emotional Buyers – Buyers may be more emotional around the holidays.
  6. Flexible Schedules– Buyers often utilize the days around Christmas and New Years to search for homes while they are off work
  7. Tax Benefit – Some buyers may have to purchase by year’s end to receive a tax benefit.
  8. New Year, New Job – January is a popular month for career- changes, in order to capture that market, you have to be on the market!
  9. Showing Schedule– You are in full control of when showings are allowed and may work around your holiday plans.
  10. Strategic Selling Options– Sell for more money now, yet negotiate a closing date that works for your family
  11. Become a Strong Buyer– If you can capitalize on the seller’s market and rent an Airbnb or stay with a family member, you will be a stronger buyer with no contingencies when you find “the one”.
  12. Low Interest Rates– Interest rates are at a historic low, and money is extremely affordable to borrow currently! What you can afford now, may be very different come the Spring or Summer!
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